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Why Settlement Counsellor?

There is no hiding how stressful it is to be in debt. You might put on a brave face for your loved ones, but in reality, you can't stop stressing about where you will get the funds to pay your debts and keep the lights on in your house. You don't need to live that lifestyle. Because our Advocates will pursue legal action to stop the creditor's harassment, you can live a life comfortable in the assurance that your debts are now being managed and without worrying about creditors calling you or approaching your friends and family nonstop. We have served thousands of Indians just like you over the years. Experience tells us that many people find it hard to find the time.

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Debt Free Solutions

Being debt free to start with means having minimal to no bad debts and average good debts. Being debt free doesn't mean you have no mortgage, bills, or car payment. It means you carry a manageable amount of debt, and are cognizant of your borrowing and DTI.

Stop Recovery Agents

These actions are within the parameters of the RBI guidelines, but based on the experiences of our customers, we have learned that the creditors frequently go beyond the bounds of the law and begin to use tactics like intimidation and harassment.

Settlements & Foreclosure

We can provide solutions if you are thinking about a settlement because no two settlements are the same. Settlements that best suit your situation can be negotiated by us.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution System the techniques or modes of ADR, though widely accepted all over the world, may vary from region to region. This fluctuation depends on the legal framework of a country.

Legal Advisory

Our attorneys and CIBIL lawyers can provide legal notices, bank account closures for salaries, ECS halts, bank account liens, arbitration hearing and order requests, returned checks, and court appearances

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisors are knowledgeable in consumer debt and can provide all essential services








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What our clients say about us.

Ramesh Kumar

settlementcounsellor provided very good service..they timely help to those people who can not pay loan due to any reason...please advise to those people if they can not pay loan ...please take service from settlementcounsellor to escape pain from bank.

Sachin Jain

Great counseling and a very efficient team. They go beyond working hours and technical limitations to assist you! I owe it to them for getting back to life! Any problem, we have your back how they assure and assist clients. So far they have been extremely helpfull!.

Archana Jha

Thanks to settlementcounsellor. This is the best solution when you are in debt trap. All calls from creditors are handled by single debt. I m using this service from last one month, they are dealing with creditors in a professional manner. Thanks to single debt you helped me a lot.