Covid's effects and the shutdown have forced several firms to deal with serious difficulties. Businesses that are operating in survival mode, dealing with disruptions in cash flow, and going bankrupt have increased significantly. Businesses typically seek only temporary relief from their financial challenges as they work to reposition themselves in a stronger position. We offer the proper solutions for you and your business, whether it's managing your debts and safeguarding it from collection agencies or legal action, re-structuring your business loan repayments to something more manageable, or applying for a payment break while you get your firm back on track.

We can provide a variety of options for your company. This will depend on the difficulties you are having and the situation. In order to provide you with an appropriate treatment plan, it is crucial that we determine the severity of your problems during the consultation.

Company Informal Debt Arrangement

We can offer an informal debt arrangement with your creditors to stop any legal action, stop the harassment from collection agents, and give you the time you need to get your business back on track. If you are being pursued by creditors or collection agents for outstanding debts and need breathing room to implement an effective recovery strategy.

Debt Recovery

Your business may suffer if your cash flow has been impacted as a result of your customers' failure to pay you. For your company, we provide a successful, professional debt collection solution that may assist you in recovering any unpaid money owing to you. Under a "No collection, No Fee" based arrangement, our team can take on debt collection and enforcement of all sorts of debt; in other words, we won't charge you a fee until we successfully collect money for you.

Raising Capital

You might not have enough funds to finance the expansion your company needs. We can introduce your company to a wide range of funders, including those from crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, microloans, financial services lending, equity financing, and angel investors.

Restructuring your Business Loans

If you have unpaid business loans that you are finding difficult to repay, we can review the terms of the loans and take into account any possibilities for restructuring you may have to get a better rate and lower payback amounts.