When a person misses an EMI, the creditor's collection process begins, therefore the person will go through the following:

  • frequent phone calls
  • unwanted visits at their residence and place of employment
  • Legal Notices
  • Making calls to family and friends

These actions are within the parameters of the RBI guidelines, but based on the experiences of our customers, we have learned that the creditors frequently go beyond the bounds of the law and begin to use tactics like intimidation and harassment.

When the creditors begin to employ these strategies, our Advocates will step in to ensure that your customer's rights are safeguarded. If the harassment continues, we will also file a claim for compensation for you.

Your clients can forward harassing phone calls to our paralegal team, who will answer them on their behalf, if they are continuously receiving them. Your client can lead creditors who visit their home or place of business to our Advocates and paralegals, who will handle them legally.